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On-site Training

We offer a variety of training programs. We can tailor any agenda, on any of our materials, to the needs of your school, district, or company.

To schedule an on-site training, call us at (305) 576-5075 or (800) 749-8838 and ask to speak with a trainer.


Training FAQs

What does training offer that the teacher's guides do not?
While many people may find our curricula user-friendly enough to implement independently, others find training a helpful enhancement. Training participants explore content more thoroughly and practice skills, which can increase their confidence and competence to implement it. If you intend to implement conflict resolution or peer mediation school-wide, training offers an opportunity to motivate and educate an entire staff, set goals, and plan for success.

Our lively, interactive training model gets high evaluations and leaves most participants enthusiastic, inspired, ready to go do it.

How much will on-site training cost?
The typical on-site training day in the U.S. and Canada carries a base invoice of $2,500.00 per training day (slightly lower in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and parts of Monroe Counties). This fee includes not only the training itself, but also our travel and lodging expenses, and corresponding PeaceWorks materials: one grade-specific Conflict Resolution teacher's guide and poster (some with additional materials) for each participant, or one Peer Mediation teacher's guide or student workbook.

The final invoice depends on the number of participants, the specific materials provided, and the number of training days.

According to your budgeting and administrative requirements, we can adjust the invoice to reflect costs specifically for training or curriculum.

We can also reduce on-site training costs when you bundle it with major purchases of curricula. Please call (305) 576-5075 or (800) 749-8838 for details and examples.

Whereas we can train any size group (details below), your base invoice typically includes up to 25 participants, based on these per-person rates, per day:

  • $100 per participant receiving Creating Caring Children
  • $120 per participant receiving a teacher's guide for PK to grade 2 (includes the I-Care Cat Hand Puppet; PK, 1, and 2 also include the companion CD)
  • $100 per participant receiving a teacher's guide for grade 3 to grade 8, or a set of 30 booklets for In-School Suspension, or WinWin Games
  • $150 per participant to conduct the Time Out! parent training.
    (Direct parent presentations are different. Call for details.)
  • $75 per support staff or other non-faculty participant not receiving materials
  • $100 per adult or $75 per student in a Peer Mediation training. We can conduct a one-day overview or a two-day comprehensive training. In either case, we can gear the training toward adult facilitators only or student mediators accompanied by adult facilitators. For student mediator trainings, we recommend at least one adult facilitator for every ten students. These adults will need to continue follow-up trainings and provide mediators with guidance and support.

Literature packs:
LPK, Literature Pack for Kindergarten, $69.95
LP3, Literature Pack for Third Grade, $99.95
LP4, Literature Pack for Fourth Grade, $169.95
These books provide a starting point for most lessons in these three teacher's guides. To help decide whether you need to buy these Packs, click each product code above to see the contents of each. Also, note that due to publication schedules beyond our control, some materials may no longer be available.

Call (305) 576-5075 or (800) 749-8838 for details on costs for additional consecutive training days, other agendas, or follow-up training contracted with the initial training.

Does the training allow combining grade levels?
Certainly. We can train any mix of grades. It's most effective, of course, to have them as developmentally similar as possible.

One option we've found particularly helpful for a broad range of grades, especially with groups larger than 40-50 participants, is to begin the training day with everyone together for a core presentation on issues that apply across the board: goals and overview, the role of adult modeling, peaceful classroom dynamics, and buy-in as needed. Then we train one grade-range group for about two hours, while the other leaves to take care of other necessary issues such as grading, classroom preparation or clean-up, parent conferences, etc. After lunch, we switch the groups.

Given this arrangement, not only does everyone receive the same effective amount of training time, it's also more clearly targeted for developmental issues. And it gives teachers time to handle other essential tasks.

Example (and this is only a suggestion):
8:30 a.m. Full group community builder, goals, and general concepts
9:50 a.m. Break
10:00 a.m. Train grades PK-5
Noon Lunch
1:00 p.m. Train grades 6-12

The same structure, or something similar, can apply to any other grade combination.
Do you have a minimum or maximum number of participants?
No. Most of our standard workshops work better with at least 15 participants, and in order to let our trainers interact with all participants we prefer an upper group size of about 40. The minimum invoice of $2,500.00 still applies for smaller groups. Beyond the minimum invoice, costs are calculated at the per-participant rates stated above.

Please call us at (305) 576-5075 or (800) 749-8838 with any specific questions.
What do we need to provide for the training?
Our trainings are very interactive, so we need a training area with flexible seating, usually with tables of six to eight persons. We usually regroup the participants for small-group work, perhaps several times during the day.
Most trainings require at least a flip chart on an easel. They may also require a standard computer connection for a projector, monitor, Smart Board, etc., with an amplified audio system. Trainings on grades PK-2 require a CD Player.
In order to provide your participants with the proper PeaceWorks teacher's guides, we need you to complete and return our downloadable Materials Tally Form, specifying the quantity of each teacher's guide, preferably at least four weeks before your training. (We can still adjust this later.)
Do you train non-instructional staff as well?
Definitely. Everyone can benefit from conflict resolution skills. The more adults you have modeling the skills and helping students apply them, the more effectively you'll create a school culture that supports independent, responsible problem-solving.

For participants whose work does not require a teacher's guide (administrative, teacher's aides, paraprofessionals, clerical, cafeteria, etc.) the per-person cost is $75. We can even provide a training geared specifically toward noninstructional staff. Our two-hour R.I.D.E. workshop includes materials and implementation tips designed exclusively for bus drivers.
What about follow-up after the training?
We're available in whatever capacity you need. Just tell us.

What about when you've gone through your curricula? We can provide additional workshops focused on Advanced Mediation Skills, Bullying, Content Area Infusion, Linking PeaceWorks to State Academic Standards, Peer Mediation skills, Resiliency, Emotional Intelligence. Most of these go beyond the standard PeaceWorks curricula, emphasizing the day-to-day application of the concepts. These have costs similar to the standard initial trainings. Call for details, and let us know your particular concerns. We'll see how we can bring PeaceWorks to the issue.

If you'd like to schedule a refresher or other follow-up training, we may be able to set that up at a lower flat fee if we build it into your initial training contract.

Always, at no cost, we're available by e-mail and phone to all training participants who need support on planning and implementation. And we always want to hear about how you adapt lessons to your setting.
Frankly, our staff needs help getting along before we can teach our students. Can you help?
Great question! That brings up our standard starting point for any curriculum training: To whatever extent we expect our children to learn better problem-solving and social skills, we, the adults, have to model them first. We don't have to be perfect — and we can't — but we need to set the example of working on our skills, all the same. That holds true not only at school, but also at home and in the community.

Given these concerns, we do offer a corporate Workplace Training, geared specifically toward team-building, collaboration, and social skills that make a safe and healthy work environment for adults. Starting from the primary role of the administration or management in any setting (school, for-profit or nonprofit corporation, service agency, civic group, religious institution), we explore conflict styles, problem-solving, anger management, verbal and nonverbal communication strategies, and simple mediation. This session may also include a brief introduction to crisis management.

Like our curriculum training, this workshop is very interactive and practical. These activities and concepts promote healthier professional and personal relationships through information, insights, and involvement. Whereas this is not a specific problem-solving event, nor a mediation session as such, we can tailor your training day to help you and your colleagues prepare to address your specific issues. We can offer strategies for applying these skills and concepts to any particular local concerns.

Whereas we'll be glad to offer follow-up, it's up to the training group to keep working to improve and maintain the workplace in the long run after this. Our workshop provides a helpful, practical, and motivational starting point.
Do you offer a Training of Trainers?
Certainly. Understand first that our standard PeaceWorks curriculum workshops give participants enough training and materials not only to teach the lessons themselves, but also to share basic issues with colleagues.

Beyond that, if you'd like to train a dedicated core group to provide your school, district, or agency with more in-depth and long-term implementation, consider our formal Training of Trainers. This comprehensive program begins with a single-day PeaceWorks curriculum overview tailored to whatever grade level materials you need. Then, depending on your group size, we take one to three days for participants to present sample lessons, receive feedback, and get much more in-depth information on implementation. This addresses core presentation skills, room setup, program fidelity, evaluations and assessment, use of audiovisuals, and more that will enhance your trainers' skills in any setting. Even seasoned presenters benefit from our Training of Trainers.

This extensive Training of Trainers works best with 12-15 participants; we recommend a maximum of 20 in order to accommodate presentations by all participants. However, these are not rigid limits. We'll adapt to whatever group size you need to train.

Each participant receives a multi-grade Training Institute Manual and a Staff Development Manual. It may also be arranged for each participant to receive one grade-specific teacher's guide, or for your school, district, or agency to receive a designated quantity of PeaceWorks curricula to be shared by participants. These details will vary according to your needs. Depending on precisely what materials are provided, this program may cost $150-$200 per participant, per day, plus teacher's guides. Please call (305) 576-5075 or (800) 749-8838 for more details and to discuss possible examples.

What can we do to help involve the parents?

Ask about our Time Out! Solving Family Conflicts program. We can present a 90-120 minute program for your parent group, usually in conjunction with an on-site curriculum training. If you'd like to prepare your local staff to present this, we can prepare them with a one or two-day Training of Trainers specifically for this component.

How do we schedule an on-site training?
Call us at (305) 576-5075 or (800) 749-8838 and ask to speak with a trainer. We usually need four weeks' lead time, though we may be able to accommodate you on shorter notice. As we schedule training on a first-come, first-served basis, we recommend calling well in advance if you want your workshop at the beginning or end of the school year.


Since we have adopted these rules my discipline problems have almost disappeared. And we are the most diversely populated building in several counties.

— Kathy P., Elementary Principal, Chillicothe, OH

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